Oriental Simplicity


Tuesday, Oct. 07, 2003 at 8:16 p.m.

My knees hurt. I've been sitting at this computer too damn long again. I had the day off today and have done nothing but stare at this screen all day and shovel junk into my mouth. Speaking of which, I found my Reese's Inside Out candy bars at the gas station..yay! I've been looking for them everywhere. I'm a huge peanut butter lover and these are so good! Anyway, I need to quit eating all this junk or I am going to start gaining more weight.

I'm looking forward to watching Real World tonite..yes, I'm a reality tv addict too. Although I have to admit some of these newer ones are crap.

Does anyone else have a pet that seems to take on their personality and habits? I think my cat acts just like me. She is antisocial and she eats constantly. Wonderful.

I apologize for the messiness of the diary..I'm trying to figure out html and get things situated.

My birthday is coming up this friday. I feel so old..is 28 old? It feels old..bah! I really need to get out of that way of thinking. Its destructive. I have years and years of living to look forward to and many things to see and experience. I just need to stop being neurotic. (ha..yeah right) Any therapists out there that would be willing to counsel me for free?*snickers*

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