Oriental Simplicity


Wednesday, Oct. 08, 2003 at 9:29 p.m.

Well today went relatively well. Nothing terribly exciting BUT I did get some wonderful Mocha chocolate chip ice cream at work...yummy. Hopefully it won't become a new addiction.

Did I tell you I'm an Elmo fan? Sadly I am. I have an Elmo doll. I also have one that says his ABC's. Well, today we got an Elmo Limbo in. He sings and leans back like hes getting ready to go under the bar..how cute is that. I can buy it for 20 bucks..should I do it? I have no willpower:) Does anyone else have these sick child like obsessions? I also love Hello Kitty.

What is it with people that NEVER smile. Some days I hate life and everyone in it..but by gosh, I still smile at my customers and greet them. There are just some people that look so miserable and I think, "There lives must be so bleak and lifeless." I can't imagine what must be so bad that when someone says hello to a person, they can't be bothered to say hello back or return their smile.

Today, a lady who works in the church asked me what had happened with the baby. I told her and she said, "There are alot of people thinking about you." It honestly helps me to have people I dont know very well, tell me things like that. Sometimes I think about going to church, maybe to help me learn how to deal with things like this. But I don't agree with everything the church teaches or represents. I just feel confused about where to look to for guidance.

For my work I have to deliver products to my customers homes sometimes. One customer I saw today..well, I am almost without words. She is a little old lady who is sooo tiny and hunched over. When I walked in her house, she was drinking coffee over a tray, where the coffee had been spilling. Her house is old..she had a pan of water sitting on a heater vent. Whether she was heating the water or using it for a moisture/humidifer type thing, I dont know. She gets by the only way she knows how. I remember I used to see her in the winter, hunched over pushing a cart into town to get her groceries, etc. I would wonder, "Where is her family? Can't they help her and do anything for her?" I still dont think she has any family helping her. I want to do something for this woman. I dont know what. Maybe just some flowers one day..something to make her smile.

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