Oriental Simplicity

Mutterings and Sunday Brunch

Sunday, Oct. 26, 2003 at 10:01 p.m.

  1. Roadtrip:: Wisconsin!

  2. Honey:: Bee

  3. Flanders:: Grumpy Old Men

  4. Vampire:: Blood

  5. Justice:: Unfair

  6. Marine:: honor

  7. Protractor:: school

  8. Rubber:: condom

  9. London:: England

  10. Jerry::Seinfeld

1. Do you usually dress up for Halloween?

No, sometimes we take my stepdaughter trick or treating or we just stay in and hand out candy.

2. Do you attend any Halloween costume parties or contests?

Nope, not so far anyway.

3. How much, if any, Halloween decorations do you put up in your house or yard?

I usually hang a few things out on the front porch and something on my door. I put up window clings and sit a few knickknacks around the house.

4. Do you pass out tricks or treats?

Of course!

If yes, do many trick or treaters stop by your house?

Not too many in this area..probably around 20 or so.

5. What is your favorite Halloween/scary movie?

The Ring

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