Oriental Simplicity


Sunday, Oct. 26, 2003 at 9:48 p.m.

Sorry for not updating sooner. I actually got to leave the house this weekend! Friday nite, hubby and I went out to a club and had a few beers. It didnt go too badly, atleast not after the kind of week we had had. I drank a few too many again and was sick half the nite thru. Now understand, I am a lightweight. I had probably 3-4 Bacardi Silvers and about 3 shots of some kind of fruity drink..but I still got sick. Ugh.

Saturday Hubby took me out to eat and then we went and saw the movie Radio and then decided to go back and see a movie he wanted to see. So we saw Scary Movie 3. They were both pretty good movies.

Today we just loafed around the house and watched tv. One thing(there's only one? ha) that drives me crazy about hubby is him being so hyper. I really just dont know how to handle it. If you have ever had a child on Ritalin you probably know what I'm talking about. He is just like that. I just cant get him to calm down for anything. He wonders why I get so irritated with him...he's in my face 24-7 and drives me crazy sometimes. I love him to death and wish there were some way I could help him, but somedays I just cant take it. That was basically my only complaint about this weekend.

Well, I'd better head for bed..have to work in the morning...blah.

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