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Saturday, Nov. 01, 2003 at 8:14 p.m.

I'm watching Trading Spaces..this is an addicting show. I had a decent day at work today until I tried calling a fast food place and placing my order but couldnt get through. I called THREE times for god's sake! I was hungry. I realize they were busy but hire some more workers or something! There are alot of people out there that need jobs!

I havent heard from my best friend in a couple of days. I hope she is doing ok. Things have been a little hard for her lately so I hope everything is going smoothly. We've both been trying to be supportive of each other lately and she is doing a great job.

I'm concerned about this banning partial birth abortion bill that Bush is wanting to sign. What are your opinions on it? Leave me a note. I couldve been in this position in September..I had severe preeclampsia at 22 wks and the drs had to take the baby or I couldve had a stroke. If they hadnt have done that because of the bill then I might not be here today. Sometimes because of my depression and sadness, I wish I WERE with my baby but I want to live too. Anyway, if anyone is reading, what do you think about this? Its been on my mind lately because of course I want to have children but I may have a higher chance of the same thing happening again since I had it so early in my pregnancy and that is uncommon.

I'm tired. Weary. I want my life to be better. Can it be? I dont know yet. But as soon as I find out I'll let you know...

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