Oriental Simplicity

A Choice..

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2003 at 10:58 p.m.

I am needing prayers right now. In sept I lost my first baby, a boy, due to preeclampsia. Well, today I went back to the dr and he told me since I had it so early and so bad, I had a 60-65% chance of having it again. 1/3 of those people that get it do fine and have the baby at full term or close to it. 1/3 have theirs between 27-36 wks and could experience some birth defects. The last 1/3 develop preeclampsia too early on before 26 wks and the baby wont survive, and if let go, the mother won't survive either. I had it severly the first time. Now, if kidney problems are ruled out, I proceed with my choice from there. Do I try to have a baby again or no? It is a decision I just dont know how to make at all. I've been depressed all day and just dont know what I will do if I cant have kids. Anyway, I need prayers to make the right choice and for my baby if we decide to try again. Thank you.....

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