Oriental Simplicity

no clockwatching for me!

Friday, Dec. 12, 2003 at 8:25 p.m.

My week has gone very well. Hubby was on the road all week and it gave me some much needed space. I missed him alot and I think it actually helps us when we both get some space. He is coming home tonite and I cant wait for him to get here:)

I spent my time wisely today for a change. I had letters to write so I got them done and walked to the post office to mail them. Did you get that? I got exercise AS I accomplished something! Shocking! I also got my laundry and dishes caught up so I wont have so many to do this weekend.

I have to take my kidney analysis over to the hospital tomorrow. If it comes back ok, we are free to try again for another baby. I hope and pray everything goes well this time.

No definite plans for the weekend. I think after being gone all week, hubby is probably just wanting to relax. I hope we continue how we have been, getting along and being respectful towards each other. I know sometimes its hard, but if an effort is made, the results are so wonderful...

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