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Merry Christmas and test results

Thursday, Dec. 25, 2003 at 7:51 a.m.

Ahhh..forgive me for being such a slacker..I was reminded by a guestbook entry that I hadn't written about my dr's appt,etc. (Thanks for the reminder..Hi!:)

Anyway, I went to the kidney specialist last Friday and he said my kidneys appear to be healthy and functioning normally. He told me if it were up to him he would just tell me to go ahead and try again but to give me peace of mind, I'm to go take one more urine/blood test end of Jan. My numbers were just barely under so he thinks my kidneys are just returning to normal after the preeclampsia. SO, I will wait til then, do the tests, get the results and then call my high risk dr and proceed from there. Needless to say, I'm a bit scared and worried about trying again. I just hope and pray everything goes smoothly.

In other news..my baby has his headstone up. I feel more at ease now that it is there. It is absolutely beautiful. If I can later, I will post a picture of it. I visited him yesterday on Christmas Eve along with my husband, his father.

We are off today to go to my grandmas and then to the inlaws for Christmas. Once we get home, we will have our own quiet Christmas here.

Merry Christmas everyone ...I hope its wonderful!

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