Oriental Simplicity


Friday, May. 07, 2004 at 6:46 a.m.

No work today..yay. I took my socks off last nite before bed and noticed my feet and toes were a little swollen. I was supposed to have a dr appt this morning but they rescheduled it yesterday for next Fri. I just hope they keep the appt and can figure out why my feet have been hurting so bad. Someone mentioned bone spurs to me which sound painful. That maybe what they are though, who knows? Any of you readers out there ever had bone spurs?

I just had a yellow finch at my feeder and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I've been waiting for them for a couple of months now. I hope it comes back.

Hubby should be coming home some time this afternoon and I am planning on having lunch with a friend. Other than that, I have a house to clean and things to pack.

I belong to postcardx and yesterday I recieved an envelope full of postcards and a little business card sized picture of a beautiful woman's face with the words "princess" written across it. On the back, the sender wrote, "Never forget what you are." I can't even express how much I needed to hear those words. Thank you.

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