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Sunday, May. 09, 2004 at 9:25 p.m.

I need help. I have a cat that I've had for around 7 years. I love her dearly but she's very tempermental. She's been this way for years. She doesn't like to be held much and usually its only by me. She doesn't like my husband because he teases her alot. I would never, ever give her up and she's my baby.

Here lies the problem: A grey and white cat has been hanging around our house. Hubby wants to keep it and take it with us in the move. He's fed it so its hanging around and sleeping on our deck right now. I think it might have gotten shot with a bb in one of its back legs but I'm not sure. It looks like what ever it is, it went all the way thru. Anyway, my cat is going nuts just with it sitting outside. She hisses, screams, and turns around and bites me if I'm standing behind her. It doesn't really hurt, but it makes me sad that she is like that.

So, what should I do? Hubby is nearly adamant about keeping the cat. I am putting out fliers tomorrow to see if anyone claims him...I would hate to just take someone's pet. But I'm worried about my cat..I dont want her to hate me or become so aggressive that they have fights in the house, etc. I also don't want her hiding under the bed to avoid everyone..

So does anyone have any advice? Any cat owners out there? My cat seems to be more aggressive than any I've ever seen as house cats. It took 3 vets to hold her down to give her anestesthia once. She's not a bad cat, I think most of its fear. Help!

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