Oriental Simplicity


Sunday, May. 16, 2004 at 11:13 a.m.

Things are going ok here. Hubby and I are not getting along again and I'm sorry for that.

We went for the fiinal walk thru at the house yesterday. We were a bit disappointed when we showed up because we were looking forward to seeing that Sold sign on the property. Isn't that part of all the excitement of buying your first home? Well the realtor never got it put up and just decided to hurry up and take the whole sign down before we got there. All in all, she's been a very absent minded realtor and I don't really trust her all that well after all this. It seems like we've been the last to know everything that is going on. She bought the washer/dryer for us as a closing gift but part of me thinks that is because she's messed alot of other things up. I'm just disappointed. The house looks good though and everything that was supposed to be there, was. I'm satisfied with that. We close next Friday and start moving in on the following Tuesday. I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm getting to hate this house more and more everyday.

I went to the dr Friday and I found out I have fallen arches. I'm not supposed to be without shoes on at all. Not even in the house. Ugh. But I will try it and hopefully I can afford to buy some decent shoes soon.

So far, the new kitty is working out well. We still keep them seperated until the stray gets tested, but he is adapting well. He is a very curious kitty. We have decided we are going to name him Buddy, I think. He looks like a Buddy.

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