Oriental Simplicity


Tuesday, May. 18, 2004 at 12:14 p.m.

I took the new kitty, Buddy, to the vet today to get his shots and to get declawed. I really hate to do that, but living with one cat who is declawed and one who isn't won't work. I get to pick him up tomorrow morning...I hope he does ok, poor little guy.

While I was in there, a woman was standing in line in front of me. I now know I could never work any place like that. I love animals but I just couldn't handle the sadness every day. The woman was asking about her pet and the person working just said no and that they had him in the freezer. She wanted to see him and the worker said they would be right back. The lady started crying and I felt my eyes start watering, knowing I was going to cry. I put my hand on the womans arm and said I was sorry, even though I could barely get it out. I asked if it was a dog or a cat and she said a dog, that her two dogs fight alot in the house and this one was 17 years old and just couldn't handle it this time. He went into shock. Evidently, she didn't yet know that the dog had passed away when she came in. All I could tell her was that I was just so sorry through my tears. How do the vets do it? They must be such strong people to see this happen so much and to see the tears on the owners faces. When I was little, I dreamed of being a veterinarian. I know now I could not do it and I'm so sorry to say that.

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