Oriental Simplicity


Friday, Jun. 11, 2004 at 9:35 a.m.

Why do I have such a hard time updating?

Is it because I'm tired and just don't feel like doing it? Could be, kitties are still keeping me up at night growling at each other but I don't have the heart to shut them out of the bedroom.

Is it because I really have no life and nothing exciting to write about? This is a good one too because nothing that happens during my day is really, in my opinion, worth writing about. Why take the time to type out mundane things that happen while I'm at work? I guess I just don't think my life is exciting enough to post anything about.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this...


In other news, I have a childhood friend who recently had surgery for testicular cancer. They thought they had caught it, then discovered it had spread to his lymph glands. They are trying to remain hopeful. He is 28. He has a wife with a small child and a baby on the way. They struggled to have a baby, finally trying in vitro and were successful. He is scared but trying to keep a strong front up for everyone. I'm worried for him but I'm going to pray that he will get through this. Is anyone ever really prepared for this?


Has anyone else cried watching Nancy Reagan pay her last respects to her husband? I'm bawling like a baby. My great grandmother LOVED Reagan. She recieved a picture of him with his "signature" in the mail especially for her so she framed it and always kept it on her wall in the living room. Maybe now she'll get to finally meet him.


Oh the melodrama today, eh?

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