Oriental Simplicity


Wednesday, Aug. 04, 2004 at 8:26 p.m.

Things have calmed down a bit but I still have alot to think about and worry about. I'm sorry to my readers that I can't go into it here...it's just something I can't do. I have too many people reading that know me. Again, I'm sorry, but know that I'm ok and appreciate any kind words that you've sent my way:)

Hubby and I are going to try something different this weekend. I ask for very little and neither does he, but to the other one, we each ask alot. But we both want some different things from this marriage so we are going to try and compromise. We'll see how it goes. I just need to try to take a deep breath before snapping this weekend like I usually do.

I found out from my cousins girlfriend today that they are engaged to be married in November. It was nice of them to let us know considering they got engaged two months ago. The gap between certain parts of my family and my immediate family is widening..sad but I think it's necessary. We are just all too different.

What I'm watching: MLB..Athletics vs Yankees(go derek!)

What I'm reading: the Snow Garden by Christopher Rice(anyone else read it?)

What I'm listening to: 3DoorsDown~Away from the Sun

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