Oriental Simplicity


Saturday, Aug. 28, 2004 at 11:55 p.m.

I know it's been almost a week since I've updated. It makes me sad that I don't make an effort to come here more but sometimes the effort to do much of anything just wears me out. What a sob story, huh?

This last week went okay. Nothing too bad happened but nothing to write home to Mom about either.

I got blown off by 2 old friends from high school at work this past week. That wasn't something that I cared for too much but it's bound to happen. One used to be my best friend my junior year, we used to date best friends and get in lots of trouble together. She came into work and clearly avoided me. Does she think she is better than me and can't even say hi?? Hubby and I have made a life for ourselves in a nice home(finally) and I don't need people like her bringing me down, thinking I'm not good enough to be her friend.

The other girl I ran into has always acted that way to a point, but I see it's gotten worse since high school. What makes people act this way?? I never act like I'm too good to be friendly to ANYONE. Why do I let these people get to me?? This is something to talk to my therapist about on Tuesday I suppose.

Had a nice cookout with my sister in law and her new hubby today. They hung around for several hours and it was nice just visiting. Things with us have been strained in the past so it was nice to just hang out and have a nice time.

I've taken some sleeping pills to help get me through the night without waking up. It's been years since I've had an uninterrupted sleep. Tomorrow I plan on writing letters, signing friendship books and just being plain crafty.

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