Oriental Simplicity

Right Now

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004 at 5:42 a.m.

I'm becoming more and more exhausted as the days go by which is all my own fault. I go to bed too late and get up too early. I feel like time is wasted by sleeping. If I had a choice, I wouldn't need to sleep at all. Yet, when I DO sleep, it is wonderful! Honestly, tonight after I get home from my counselor, I need to go straight to bed, but do you think I will do that? I really doubt it.

I'm really hoping things go better with my therapist tonight because I'm getting so frustrated with her and it's starting to show. Wish me luck tonight!

On Tuesdays, I will be leaving work at 3:30pm because the boss' daughter is coming in after school to work. That gives me a little extra time to go home and do some things, then head back to my appt. I may see if I can move my appt up so I can just go home afterwards and stay.

Sun hasn't come up yet and I am comforted in that fact.

What I'm listening to: The Leaving Song Pt 2~A.F.I
What I'm feeling: exhaustion

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