Oriental Simplicity

Friday, Friday

Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 7:47 a.m.

First of all, I'd like to thank Des for helping me with my layout. She did a wonderful job helping me fix things. Thanks Des!

Today is Friday, or is it? I've been so confused with my days all week. They seem to run together. Hubby is home and in bed with Buddy, the cat. The cable company is coming today to install cable throughout the house. We have had so many problems with Dish Network since we got it in May, it's ridiculous. I will miss my DVR, but the cable co. is supposed to be getting it soon. If it isn't soon enough, we may have to get TiVo. I'm sad, aren't I? hehe.

We also have someone coming to look at my old car tonight. Hopefully we sell it so we can pay off hubby's truck. I will miss my old car but I love my new one so much that I think I'll deal with it ok:)

Tomorrow we are going to Verizon to switch cell phone companies. We are with Sprint and have had nothing but problems with them also. (Notice a pattern here?). So, new phones tomorrow hopefully! I like my Nokia. I can change faceplates, so I'd like to get one similar.

Boy, I sound awfully materialistic today don't I? Hell, as long as I have books to read, my hubby and my cats, I don't need a thing in the world. Have a great weekend everyone!

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