Oriental Simplicity


Sunday, Nov. 07, 2004 at 9:08 a.m.

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend so far. Friday night we watched Hidalgo, which turned out to be a pretty decent movie. Anything with Viggo has to be good, right? Yesterday, I did a little yard work. Not much, because I was feeling pretty lazy. I need to finish cutting back the bushes in front of our house for the winter, before it gets cold. I need hubby's help for that though. Just takes too long to do by myself! Last night we watched Fahrenheit 9/11, which was pretty interesting. I'd already seen Bowling for Columbine, so I knew what kind of documentary it would be. I'm pretty much anti-Bush, so the movie only reinforced my feelings. We started to watch Envy, with Jack Black and Ben Stiller, but we were just too tired and went to bed. So far, it seems like a cute movie. We have far too many movies and too little time!

Hubby is working in the basement this morning, putting up walls so we can put my office down there eventually. I really wanted the room for my messy type projects but I guess he is moving my computer and everything down there. Not really sure how I feel about that... Of course we need the upstairs office for a baby's room if it ever happens, but we aren't that far yet. I also don't really care to sit in my office, in the basement, with no windows, etc, especially when that will be where I'm spending most of my time. Is my husband the only one who never listens??

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