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Happenings and Peace at last...

Sunday, Dec. 21, 2003 at 11:58 a.m.

This entry probably won't be terribly exciting as not much is going on here. I'll just update on happenings..

Friday we finished up all our shopping which Im very happy about. I'd like to buy hubby some more things but its just not possible right now. Maybe I can spend more when his birthday comes in January. We were shopping friday nite until one am or after. Hubby didn't want to fight the crowds during the day. It was a good thing too because the next day the lines of traffic going to the mall were extremely long.

Saturday we went to pick up my sister in laws gift. It is a hutch for her kitchen that she really wanted. Her mom has one, bought me one but refused to buy my sister in law one(her daughter). It will probably cause a fight but we bought it for her and she was so happy to get it. We took it to her early because we didn't really know if she would be at the inlaws the same time we were.

Last nite, hubby and I exchanged one gift before Christmas. I got him the Indi@n@ Jones Trilogy and he got me a little digital camera I can use without having to upload pics thru his cellphone to the computer. Yay! So we watched his movies..well, we watched the first one and made it half way thru the second one. Its been years since I've seen those movies and I barely remember them.

Today, we are relaxing. We have Tru C@lling and Jo@n of Arc@di@ to watch then the rest of the movies. We also need to pay some bills(ugh!) and get some minor household things done today.

Sorry such a boring entry but its the best I could do right now...

P.s....I was very happy to see that my son's headstone is finally up..I was worried it wouldnt be up til spring time. Its so beautiful and I'm happy he has something there now. Rest in Peace Baby Jeremy...

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