Oriental Simplicity


Wednesday, Sept. 01, 2004 at 7:59 a.m.

Yesterday, I was just a big ball of nerves. I felt panicky, sad, depressed, hopeless. It was a horrible day. Sadly, I can't pinpoint all of what was bothering me.

I did have a therapist appointment last nite though and we are finally done with my assessment and can move on to wading through things now. I'm very drained by the time the appts are over but I know I need to go and I need the help.

I'm unhappy at my job. It could always be a worse job but I'm just so....I dunno...blah, while I'm there. I feel like it's sucking out my soul!

Today I hope is better and I feel more relaxed. Hubby and I aren't fighting this instant so that helps. So I'm off to a new day, its September 1st and my favorite season is approaching so I'll think about that! Have a good day!

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