Oriental Simplicity

yay! yay! yay!

Wednesday, May. 05, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.

We got the house! We got the house! We got the house! We got the house!

Can you tell I'm excited?? The closing date is May 21st and we can start moving in May 25th. I can't wait!!

I've mostly just been working, so there isn't much to report. Things are going ok at the job...just hope my lazy coworker can work my weekend that I need to move.

Instead of updating I've been spending alot of time reading some diaries. There are many out there that strike a chord in me and many of them are on my buddy list. Go check them out.

I need some motivation to write more but the writing prompts, etc just aren't working. I seem to think anything I have to write about can't be that important or exciting enough for anyone to want to read. I need to get out of this slump before this diary becomes non-existent.

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